What is a tourist card?

Tourist card is a bank card to facilitate the financial affairs of your dear ones in Iran, which Amin Card Company, in order to provide services to your dear ones, has a contract with reputable banks in Iran and offers the tourist card to you.

Amin Card is a secure card to save money that is made for people traveling to Iran. Its image and function is similar to the Iranian credit card and it works in all POS machines inside shops, ATM machines as well as Iranian online stores.


Advantages of tourist cards

·        Once you receive your card, you can always top it up with cash, international credit cards, PayPal and cryptocurrencies abroad as well as inside Iran.

·        Payment through any POS machine in Iran   Issuance of the second "emergency" card, in case of loss or theft

       Online shopping (with your second PIN)

Receive cash from all ATMs (connected to Shetab network)

How do I get a tourist card?

You can apply for Amin Card online or by visiting one of our agencies inside or outside Iran. After requesting and transferring the money into the card, your card will be issued and ready to be sent, and it will usually be delivered to you within 3 working days.


Tourist card fee

There are two costs associated with an Amin Card:

·        10 euros for card issuance (once)

·        1% Cost of adding credit (charge)

There is no extra charge, no activation fee and so on. All exchanges are free and all cash withdrawals from ATMs are free. 

Required Documents

Dear ones, you can benefit from Amin Card facilities by having a valid passport