About SIM card

SIM cards are in the name of the applicant, and depending on the type of document you have, it is valid for two months for a passport to unlimited validity for people who have an arrangement card.

One of the main problems of immigrants is getting a SIM card in their own name. Amin Card Company has been able to solve this problem for Afghan friends by using its credit with the cooperation of Irancell and Hamrah Aval.


Steps to get a SIM card

You must first complete the forms provided to you by the sales agents.

Then our sales agent scans the forms and sends them to the relevant representative.

Then you have to go to the designated center on the appointed day for authentication.


SIM card packages

       Irancel packages.

The first mobile packages.

Required Documents

The document required to receive the SIM card of the last course or passport is valid for a visa.