Customer Club

Ariana Card Customer Club

Amin Card Company offers new services every day for the well-being of its customers. This time, by concluding contracts with various centers, he has provided amazing discounts to his dear friends with his cards.

Ariana Bank Card is a member of Shetab network, which can provide discounts and savings from the centers, by bargaining, automatically and electronically, by registering the services of the customer club on it.

Advantages of this card over other cards:

By purchasing from the centers of the club's contracting party, you get a 3 to 70% discount at the moment, that is, when you draw the card in the card reader of the club's contracting party, 3 to 70% of the total amount you draw will be deducted immediately. And you use different designs as you wish and through the club.

Possibility of covering back-breaking medical expenses in centers that are not covered by insurance.

Reduce costs in centers where there is no possibility of discounts, such as restaurants, medical centers, sports, entertainment and ...