What is Ariana Card?

Ariana Card is a pass-through card for Afghans  that can be used with all POS machines inside

.shops, ATMs as well as Iranian online stores


Benefits of Ariana Card

We offer Amin card for Afghan freinds because these cards include after-sales service, customer club, etc. These services are provided by Afghan representatives to their compatriots.

We know that for various reasons, the information of the bank branch employees about the laws and approvals related to immigrants is low, and this has caused banking problems for these dear ones. In order to solve the problem and bring peace to the Afghans, Amin Card has been created with the cooperation of selected banks in Iran.

  payment through any POS machine in Iran  .

     The card is issued in your own name and is personal

    Issuance of the second "emergency" card, in case of  loss or theft

        Online shopping (with your second PIN)

      Receive cash from all ATMs (connected to Shetab network)

How do I get Ariana Card?

In order to receive Ariana Card, it is enough to pass your information to our sales agents through WhatsApp or the site. After the card issuance process is issued, it can be delivered to you dear

ones through our centers in Tehran.


The cost of Ariana Card?

The cost of our cards 150,000 

thousand tomans. Equivalent to 274.49 Afghanis

Required Documents

Documents required to receive an Ariana Card are a long-term passport (visa validity does not matter) Or having an arrangement card.